Real Estate Team Building Tip 1: Two Critical Keys to Building a Successful Real Estate Team
Real Estate Team Building Tip #2: Four Archetypes and How They Fit in Teams

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Scheduled Topics:

Monday, August 22
Two Critical Keys to Success

  1. Hire Talented People to Key Positions
  2. Implement Effective Real Estate Business Systems
Monday, August 29
The Four Archetypes and Where They Fit in Teams
  1. The Entrepreneur 
  2. The Manager
  3. The Individual Contributor
  4. The Hobbyist/Part-Timer

Monday, September 5 
Agent Team Models – Which One is Right for You?

  • Partnership
  • Informal Team
  • Rainmaker Team
  • Traditional Brokerage-Style Team
  • Expansion Team

Monday, September 12
Your Team Operations Manual is the Cornerstone of Your Foundation

Monday, September 19
Three Phases of Hiring and Retaining Talent

  1. Attract, Screen & Hire
  2. Onboarding & 90-Day Training Plan
  3. Accountability, Retention & Leadership

Monday, September 26
Create Your Real Estate Team Business Plan & Goals

Monday, October 3
Know Your Agent Attraction Value Proposition

Monday, October 10
Develop Your Affiliation Proposal

Monday, October 17
5 Creative Ways to Attract Team Agents

Monday, October 24
Implement a 90 Day Training Plan so Team Agents Simply Plugin to Your Systems

Monday, October 31
Your Culture is the Best Attraction Magnet

Monday, November 7
Build an Asset to Create Your Exit Strategy or How To Find Your Replacement and/or Sell Your Team!


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