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Real Estate Team Building Tip #5: Three Phases of Hiring and Retaining Talent

Real Estate Agent Team Building tips series continues with Tip #5: Three Phases to Hiring & Retaining Talent. In this coaching tip, we cover steps and strategies that are included in the WBNL Hiring & Onboarding System which is available as part of the Real Estate Team Builder program. We are also releasing this system as a separate program in the coming weeks on Read more →

Real Estate Team Building Tip #4: Your Operations Manual is the Cornerstone of Your Foundation

Whether you are building an agent real estate team or not, a standard operating procedures and tasks manual for each of the major areas of your business is the cornerstone of your foundation. Real Estate Team Builder is a turnkey program from WBNL Coaching to build your real estate team from A to Z. Read more →

Real Estate Team Building Tip #3: Agent Team Models - Which One Is Right For You?

There are several model variations for real estate agent teams. In this real estate team building tip, we discuss the differences, pros and cons for the primary models we have identified at WBNL Coaching and Real Estate Team Builder. Read more →