Real Estate Team Building Tip #6: Create Your Team Business Plan and Goals
Real Estate Team Building Tip #8: Develop Your Affiliation Proposal (Agent Recruiting Presentation)

Real Estate Team Building Tip #7: Know Your Client & Agent Attraction Value Proposition


What is Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

If you haven’t already done so, create your Unique Value Proposition and Attraction Plan for your Perfect Clients.

NOTE:  Training for  Creating Your Business Purpose & Building Your Brand, Attracting Perfect Clients and Creating Your UVP is included in the WBNL Coaching Wanderers Club.

Your UVP is a succinct statement of the uniqueness of your business that sets it apart from all competitors. It defines your competitive advantage. Without the UVP, a company risks becoming lost in a sea of similar businesses. The UVP statement will often contain quantitative statements about the uniqueness of a business.

  • Precisely WHY should customers (and agents) do business with you?
  • Five questions to help you “identify” a strong value proposition:
    • Will perspective customers perceive this as an advantage?
    • Is it significantly different from what my competitors are offering?
    • Why my prospective customers actually believe in this UVP?
    • How will my customers benefit from this UVP?
    • Will this UVP motivate customers sufficiently to actually make them act?

Refine your value proposition until you can articulate it in one sentence. You should be able to communicate who your customers/clients are, what you provide to them, and why they buy/sell/ or affiliate with you.

A key issue with a value proposition is – It has to be what you DO and ARE. It can’t be just what you SAY or WANT.

What is your UVP for Agent Attraction?

Create or modify your UVP to define your uniqueness as a team and to clearly state the benefits for agents.   It should answer these questions:

  • Why should an agent associate with my team?
  • What do I provide?
  • What makes my team/company unique?
  • How do I set my team/company apart from other companies?

Define your UVP for Agent Attraction.


Create Your Perfect Team

Using your vision, purpose mission and core values visualize and create the perfect agent, administrative assistant, team / branch manager for your organization. It may be helpful to think about who you don’t want on your team (what characteristics, values) then change the negative to a positive.

"My Perfect Team has these talents, characteristics, values, behaviors"


Visualizing Your Team / Company

I’m building a wildly successful real estate team/ company because…

Our Team consists of ______ Agents who close ___ units annually on average

Our Support staff consists of:

  • Office Administrator
  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Team Manager

Our team/company specializes in:

_______________________ Market

_______________________ Niche

_______________________ Area

 _______________________ Price Range  


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