Real Estate Team Building Tip #7: Know Your Client & Agent Attraction Value Proposition
Real Estate Team Building Tip # 9 : 5 Creative Ways to Attract Team Agents

Real Estate Team Building Tip #8: Develop Your Affiliation Proposal (Agent Recruiting Presentation)


In Real Estate Team Building Tip #7, we discussed Creating and Knowing Your Agent Attraction Value Proposition.  This week we continue our Real Estate Team Building series and cover how to take your Uniques Value Proposition for agents to develop your Affiliation Proposal or Recruiting Presentation. Here are some ideas for customizing your affiliation proposal:

  • Culture
  • Company story, growth and statistics
  • About Your Team
  • Your Leadership, Vision, Mission, Core Values
  • Training & Education
  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Business Building / Coaching
  • Broker & Admin Support
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Compensation Plans

Recruit PPT

Presentation styles and recruiting tools:

  • Printout your PowerPoint and place in a presentation binder
  • Use an iPad or Tablet for presenting
  • Use your desktop computer and the PowerPoint
  • Use your Career Website for visual presentation


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