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At Wandering But Not Lost (WBNL) Coaching, we are sponsoring a 22-day Gratitude Challenge to encourage the development of a daily habit and practice of gratitude. Here is how it works and how you can participate Read more →

We are down to our last of the 12 weeks of Trending Tips on Team Building hosted by Jan O’Brien, Real Estate and Life Coach via Facebook Live. Please join us live next Monday, November 7th at 10:00am (PST). Connect with Jan on Facebook here: Scheduled Topic: Build an Asset to Create Your Exit Strategy or How To Find Your Replacement and/or Sell Your Team! Read more →

Real Estate Team Building Tip #11: Your Culture is Your Best Attraction Magnet

In week 11 of our series on Agent Team Building, we turn to WBNL Coaching Co-Founder and Culture Curator Matt Emerson. Matt's article was originally published on Huffington Post: Culture - More Than a Word and is included here to illustrate our core belief that Culture is Key for all businesses including your Real Estate Team. To that point, the recent Real Trends report "The Real Estate Teams Play Book" states: Read more →

Real Estate Team Building Tip #10 : Your 90-Day Team Member Onboarding & Training Manual

Welcome to Tip #10 in our 12 week series on how to build a successful and profitable real estate team. For the previous three weeks we have discussed how to find and attract the right members for your team. This week, we cover our recommendations for creating and implementing a 90-Day Plan to onboard and train your new team members. The goal is to transition the agents joining your team over a 90-day period by having them simply plugin to your existing real estate business systems. The WBNL Coaching Real Estate Team Builder program includes an agent training manual to accomplish this key strategy for successful team building. Read more →

Real Estate Team Building Tip # 9 : 5 Creative Ways to Attract Team Agents

We continue our Trending Tips on Real Estate Team Building with another tip on how to attract (recruit) agents to your team. In Real Estate Team Building tip #9, we share Five Creative Ways to Attract Team Agents. Your Sphere of Influence/Database Both your initial and ongoing success in attracting agents to join your team/company will be rooted in the relationships you already have with agents in your market place. Read more →