Real Estate Tip #10 for 2017 - Get Up and Get Out More Often
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Real Estate Coaching Bonus Tip for 2017 - Ask for Help!


Don’t try to do it all by yourself. Collaboration with like-minded people has so many benefits including accountability, mutual support, creativity and fun. The journey is so much more fun and enjoyable when you share it with others.

  • Hire someone – a mentor, coach, consultant, expert, professional – to assist you in reaching your desired outcome(s).  The right person can offer a third party perspective; provide necessary guidance, accountability and expertise.
  • Find an accountability partner.
  • Form or join a mastermind group to support each other’s goals and commitments.

To enjoy lasting change and success, all you need is the…

  • Desire to change
  • Decision to take action
  • Discipline to practice new behaviors
  • Determination to persist until you get results

  INDIVIDUAL 1 on 1 COACHING from WBNL Coaching

  • Option 1: 3-HOUR COACHING PACKAGE ($555)
  • Option 2: 10–HOUR COACHING PACKAGE ($1500)

In addition to the one-on-one sessions you will receive:

  • Membership in the Wanderers Club for the duration of the coaching package
  • Complete Real Estate Business System Assessment of your current systems with strategies and feedback
  • Detailed action plan emailed to you after each coaching session
  • Supporting documents, forms, and resources to facilitate the implementation of business systems based on your priorities
  • Supporting material and processes for personal and/or team performance enhancement

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