Real Estate Tip #5 for 2017: Stay Connected to and Build Your Database
Real Estate Tip #7 for 2017 – Execute a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Real Estate Tip #6 for 2017 – Implement Real Estate Business Systems



How do you answer this question….  What do you do for a living?

Are you working on your business while also working in it?

Is the business running you or are you running your business?

Most real estate agents are not running their business as a true business.  They are simply the “technician” working with buyers and sellers toward a successful close of escrow and collecting a commission for services rendered.

They haven’t spent the time to establish duplicatable and efficient systems to manage and run a profitable business.

Create and implement key real estate business systems that work for you as an individual agent in these key areas of your business:

  •     Real Estate Business Plan and Goals
  •     Develop Your Unique Value (Selling) Proposition
  •     Personal Promotion, Branding and Marketing
  •     Past Client/Sphere of Influence/Referral System
  •     Listing System
  •     Buyer/Escrow System
  •     Farming System
  •     Lead Generation and Follow-up System
  •     Internet, Blogging, Social Media Strategy
  •     Business Financial Basics for the Real Estate Agent

Recommended reading:  EMyth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Our philosophy at WBNL Coaching is to guide you to running your business as a true business. Our Wanderers Club coaching & training program was designed to be your online virtual coach.

  • Conduct a real estate business assessment to get a clear picture of where you currently are and to set priorities?Get our free business assessment here:
  • Schedule time every week to work “ON” your business systems
  • Join the Wanderers Club and use the tools, training and coaching we provide

In Connecting Your Real Estate Business; we lay the foundation for guiding you towards running your real estate business as a true business. It is also the prerequisite course for Agent Team Building. Our philosophy on team building is to get your own house in order first – that means implementing effective systems to run all facets of your real estate business.

  1. Your Business Plan & Goals
  2. Your Business Purpose & Building Your Brand
  3. Attracting Perfect Clients
  4. Build Your Database & Referrals
  5. Personality Styles, Communication Preferences & the Sales Cycle
  6. Marketing, Advertising & Lead Generation
  7. Listings & Seller System
  8. Buyer, Sales & Transaction Management System
  9. Real Estate Social Media & Technology
  10. Business & Financial Essentials & Exit Strategy

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