Real Estate Tip 8 for 2017 - Use Tracking & Accountability Tools
Real Estate Tip #10 for 2017 - Get Up and Get Out More Often

Real Estate Tip 9 For 2017 - Hire an Assistant

Hiring the right people for the right positions in your organization is a cornerstone to success for all business owners. We believe that you can double your income when you hire and effectively utilize the right assistant for you. Get access to our free, recorded workshop where we share our turnkey hiring and onboarding system for attracting, hiring and retaining the right administrative support staff for you.

  • How to know when you are ready to hire an assistant
  • Create job descriptions for administrative and other assistants
  • Example ads and where to run them
  • Licensed vs. Unlicensed assistants Compensation plan examples
  • The pros and cons of independent contractor vs. employee
  • Our step-by-step hiring guide and onboarding system
  • How to conduct an effective interview
  • Tools, apps and systems for managing tasks and projects
  • Keys to training, managing and retaining your perfect staff members

Get these FREE downloads:

  • (Word doc) – Sample job postings/job descriptions
  • (PDF – Business System Assessment)
  • (Excel) Task 7 Procedures Guide
  • (PDF) – Workshop Slide Deck WBNL Coaching Business Builder program, designed as a turn-key solution to expanding your business through hiring and training an assistant so that you can focus on the money making priorities of your business. Through a combination of our online library, one-on-one coaching, and actual written systems (including a complete operations manual template) we are confident that you will be on the right path.


Ready to Build a Successful Team? Let us guide you every step of the way to implement the Real Estate Team Builder system. We have done all the work – all you need to do is customize the procedures and documents for your business and market. Our turnkey, complete team building system includes all of the materials, supporting documents, checklists and manuals along with the step-by-step implementation training delivered via our on-demand video coaching platform.

Visit to learn more about our “Team Building in a Box” system to build your profitable real estate team. Here is what you’ll receive:

  • Online, On- Demand Real Estate Team Builder Training
  • Lifetime Access to the Recorded Videos and Documents
  • Complete Package of (111+) Documents, Admin Forms
  • Real Estate Team Builder Procedures Manual
  • 90 Day Onboarding & Agent Training Manual
  • Team Project management, accountability, communication system