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Call Your Clients on Important Dates (Birthdays, Home Anniversaries)

Do you have a system in place to contact your clients on important dates like birthdays and home anniversaries?


I want to suggest that making a birthday or home anniversary personal call can be more impactful and meaningful than a text, card or social media post.  Or perhaps consider doing a combination of connections will be a best practice for some of you.  The point is – do something to acknowledge important dates in your client’s lives.

I recently celebrated a birthday and confirmed my observation over the past couple years that as a society, we rely more and more on technology to stay connected.  It is true that feeling the Facebook and LinkedIn birthday love was great.  I had over 200 Happy Birthday wishes, some from folks I don’t even know:)   But here is what’s interesting.  I received exactly 3 texts, 2 birthday calls, and four birthday cards.  While the texts and birthday cards were special, I want to talk about the two calls and the stories behind them to drive home my coaching tip today about the forgotten power of a personal phone call.

One of the calls was from my former employer, Mark Stark, CEO/Owner at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona/California/Nevada Properties.  I’ve known Mark since 1993 when I worked at the then Prudential Americana Group.  In 2009, I departed to pursue other dreams and goals.  One of the most amazing things Mark has been doing as CEO for all these years is to call everybody in his organization on their birthday.  I mean he calls everybody on their actual birthday without fail.  That’s a lot of calls considering Mark’s Arizona, California, and Nevada firms total nearly 2,000 real estate sales executives (that’s not including employees).  Now, here is the best part of this story … Mark has been calling me every June 4th to wish me a Happy Birthday even though I haven’t worked with him since 2009.  Now that’s IMPACTFUL and special.

The second call was from my good friend, collaborator and fellow coach David Squier.   David also used to work with Mark and Prudential Americana Group.  He recently told me he adopted a long time ago Mark’s practice of calling everyone on their birthday and how it has made such an amazing and positive impact on his business.  He gets remarks from his clients frequently about how he is one of the few if not the only person who actually called to wish a happy birthday.

Create Your System to Make it Happen!

  1. You must collect the important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and home purchase anniversary.  Ask your clients for the information during your transaction or provide a form at the closing or just before. Don’t have a form for that?  Here’s one you can download, revise and use for your business:  Client_Infomation_From
  2. Next, you need to enter this data into a trusted system, calendar or CRM that will remind you who to call each day.
  3. Finally, you must commit to making the calls on the actual dates.  That means time-blocking every day that you have a birthday or other calls and making the calls.  Leave a voice mail message if you don’t get an answer.  And when the person does answer the call, you will have an excellent opportunity to wish them a happy day and to possibly catch up.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you don’t send a text or card or even do the social media HBD post.  I am merely recommending that to really stand out these days, the good old-fashioned phone call might be something that makes a bigger impact to your clients.  I, for one, know that it did for me.

Wait, What?  You aren’t using a great CRM?

Having a solid follow-up system is Real Estate Gold!  If you do not have a CRM, you need to do some research to see what platform will be best suited for you.  We are fans of Top Producer.  It has been a staple in the industry for decades and has evolved with the times.  In fact, it is still one of the best on the market.

It makes remembering birthday and other important dates easy. When you add a birthday (anniversary, etc) you can select how many days before to be reminded.  It will show up on the Dashboard under Important Dates – That way you never miss the moment!



Top Producer, (starting at $ 39.95/mth for the CRM)

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