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Three Prerequisites to Lasting Change

These three principles are the keys to making a positive shift in your life or business. 1 - Identify and get rid of whatever is holding you back Do the work on yourself first! Discover what negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs may be holding you back from reaching your desired outcomes. Get help with this process - hire a certified coach, see a trained therapist, find a process or program that resonates and works for you. Here are a couple of recommended books and resources to check out: Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life The... Read more →

Do you have a risk reduction plan for your real estate business? In this post, we outline 12 strategies or best practices to consider adopting to reduce your liability and help manage the risk of potential litigation as well as complaints filed with the state real estate licensing entity or your local REALTOR Association. Develop and use standard procedures with everyone. Review fair housing rules and treat all prospects, customers and clients honestly, fairly and equally. Keep a communication log during your transaction. Record your notes, conversations, milestones. If red flags are raised during the transaction or you encounter challenges,... Read more →

In this post, we share six strategies with actionable tasks and resources to guide you toward life and business success. 1. Know Your Why What is your big WHY – your Purpose? When you discover with complete clarity your WHY, then you have uncovered the absolute secret to success for your life and business. You are at your best when your heart (passion) and mind (attitude) are in alignment and connected with your true path and purpose. This is true in your personal life as well as with your business. When they aren’t aligned, there is always a degree of... Read more →

Do you have a system in place to contact your clients on important dates like birthdays and home anniversaries? I want to suggest that making a birthday or home anniversary personal call can be more impactful and meaningful than a text, card or social media post. Or perhaps consider doing a combination of connections will be a best practice for some of you. The point is – do something to acknowledge important dates in your client’s lives. I recently celebrated a birthday and confirmed my observation over the past couple years that as a society, we rely more and more... Read more →