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Six Guideposts for Life & Business Success

In this post, we share six strategies with actionable tasks and resources to guide you toward life and business success.


1. Know Your Why

What is your big WHY – your Purpose? When you discover with complete clarity your WHY, then you have uncovered the absolute secret to success for your life and business. You are at your best when your heart (passion) and mind (attitude) are in alignment and connected with your true path and purpose. This is true in your personal life as well as with your business. When they aren’t aligned, there is always a degree of dissatisfaction and unrest.

12 Signs that Your Are Living Your Passion – Your Life Purpose

  1. You lose track of time.
  1. You smile and laugh more.
  1. What you are doing does not feel like “work”. It brings joy and a true sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  1. You trust your heart and your instincts and act on it.
  1. You really light up and become animated when you talk about what you do.
  1. Your friends and loved ones notice the shift and either support you unconditionally or you may actually find they react in a negative, unsupportive fashion.
  1. Everything just flows better and more effortlessly. Synchronicities happen. You find yourself meeting the right people at the perfect time.
  1. You feel truly alive. You are inspired all the time.
  1. You find the courage to take the risks necessary for growth and to move forward.
  1. You no longer feel like you are selling out for a paycheck. Your income and purpose are in alignment.
  1. You no longer have that nagging feeling that something is missing in your life.
  1. You are enjoying the journey (living in the now) and know it’s not about the destination. It’s about the relationships and shared experiences along your path.

  Questions for self-reflection on your current situation, business, or focus area:

  • Why did I choose this business?
  • Why do I want to stay in business for myself?
  • Why do I want to grow my business, increase my income?
  • Why do I want to systematize my business?
  • Why do I want to improve my health?
  • Why do I want to spend more quality time with my kids, spouse, others?
  • Why do I want to ….. ____________ ?
  • Why is all this so important to me?
  • By the way, it’s never really about the money. It’s about what the money will allow you to do, what it will bring to your life and for your family.

  Questions & Exercises to Help You Discover Your True Passion/Purpose

  • What are your natural strengths, skills, talents?
  • Take a look at past work, career choices – what did you like? Dislike?
  • What do people ask you to help them with?
  • What activities really bring joy and fulfillment in your life?
  • Who inspires you most? Why?
  • What causes do you strongly believe in and connect with?
  • What would you do if… you only had one year to live? unlimited resources and money at your disposal?

  Your Eulogy Exercise Using the questions below, write your eulogy.

  • What do you want your eulogy to consist of?
  • What would your lifetime achievements be?
  • What would matter the most at the end of your life?
  • What will be your legacy?
  • What do you want o be remembered for?
  • What stories will friends and loved ones recount about you and your impact on them?

Is it what you are doing right NOW?  If not, why not?  What is standing in you way or holding you back?

2. Have a Plan

Know Your Desired Outcomes.   

Commit to a written Business and/or Life Plan with clearly defined, vibrant goals.

Are you aligned and connected with your true passion and purpose? A business plan and set of accompanying written goals is meaningless and not effective without clarity and alignment with your true passion.

Make your goals S.M.A.R.T.

  • S    Specific; Simple
  • M   Measurable; Meaningful to You
  • A    As if Now; Achievable; All areas of your life
  • R    Realistic; Responsible
  • T    Timeframe; Toward What You Want 


3. Take action

Be willing to do what it takes to accomplish your outcomes.  Be consistent in your actions and build the positive habits. Practice leads to mastery.

Small Steps
Any movement or action, no matter how small, toward what you desire is all it takes to build momentum and achieve results.

Focus on what you want (not on what you don't want). Create a Success Action Plan that outlines the action steps (tasks and habits) to move you toward your desired outcome.

Business Examples Use your business plan to create your daily, weekly, monthly ACTION PLAN.  These action plans will outline the income-producing activities, and other tasks you are committed to, in order to achieve your desired outcomes. Review and stick to your Action Plan DAILY!

  • Write your Action Plan on index cards and keep one with you
  • Put it on your mobile device in an app that you use frequently
  • Take a photo of it and make it your lock screen
  • Put one in front of your day planner
  • Post it in your workspace
  • Tape it to your bathroom mirror and review it daily
  • Review and record your results daily also

Income producing activities include:

  1. Make ______ contacts daily
  2. Send ______ personal notes weekly
  3. Add _______ people to your database weekly or monthly
  4. Contact _____ FSBOs weekly
  5. Contact ______ Expireds weekly
  6. Hold ______ effective open houses weekly/ monthly
  7. Mail or email to your SOI/Past clients valuable market information monthly
  8. Mail or email to your designated farm of ______  properties monthly
  9. Door knock/ door drop _________ houses monthly
  10. Take ____ past client to lunch monthly
  11. Network with ____ business to business referrals monthly
  12. Hand out 5-10 business cards, 5 days/week and actively ask for business or for permission to add them to your database

Life Plan Examples Use the WBNL Intentions Map & Journal template

  • Choose 1-2 areas of your life to focus on now
  • Set your intention for those areas by committing to the one action that when you do it consistently will make the most positive impact on your desired outcome
  • Here are some ideas:
  • 10-15 minutes of walking
  • 10 minutes of meditation
  • 1 conversation or phone call with a prospect, customer
  • Write or journal for 10 minutes
  • Exercise, yoga, stretching for 15 minutes

Business/Career Ideas:

  • Handout one business card and have one conversation about real estate or your business
  • 1 new person added to your database
  • One connection daily with someone in your database


4. Measure & Track Your Results

Be accountable!  You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  Identify the method for determining achievement of your goal/outcome and track your progress.  An excellent tracking system will allow you to make necessary course corrections and adjustments as well as gage your overall success.

Business: The WBNL Business Plan integrates tracking and measurement tools

  • Reconcile Your Monthly Budgets
  • Track Your Production & Escrows

Life: Apps for tracking goals, health, fitness, and well-being


5. Be Open to Change

Change is constant and requires you to remain flexible and adaptable. Embrace change – don’t fear it. There is always opportunity when circumstances or your environment changes. Find those opportunities and act on them right away instead of being reactive.

Be flexible.  The Law of Requisite Variety states that the person or system with the most flexibility of behavior will control the system and eventual outcomes. Operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence. 

Be in control of your mindset (attitude).  Choose to be in a powerful, positive state. Take Personal Responsibility for your actions. Choose the “cause” side of the equation - be the victor not the victim - take personal responsibility for your actions.

Be aware of your constitution, health and physical well-being.  Ingest healthy, nutritious foods that uplift you and give you energy. Moderation is the key!


6. Ask for Help!

Collaborate. The journey is so much more fun and enjoyable when you share it with others.

Hire someone – a coach, consultant, mentor, expert, professional – to assist you in reaching your desired outcome(s).  The right person can offer a third party perspective; provide necessary guidance, accountability and expertise.

Find an accountability partner. Form or join a mastermind group to support each other’s goals and commitments.