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January 2018

On January 11, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced a major change about the Facebook news feed.  In this tip, we discuss these changes and, more importantly, share several strategies to adjust to the changes for your business and social media marketing plan. Read more →

How would you rate your online presence currently?  When was the last time you Googled "your name" and were you satisfied with the results? Do you dominate the first two pages of Google?  Let’s face it, prospective customers, referrals, other agents and clients are “Googling” you!  We all "Google" ourselves and others, right? To manage your online reputation, your brand and the message you want consumers to see when they Google you, it is imperative to have complete and compelling profiles on the sites listed below. Read more →

David's Agent Team Building Strategies & Keys to Success Implement your core real estate and business systems Common mistake is to grow too fast – before you have the skey systems and personnel in place Create a team operations manual – leverage your team members to help write specific procedures Create Leverage with proper team building strategies Ensure you have excellent job descriptions and checklists for your team members Your Hiring Strategy and Process is critical – be slow to hire and quick to fire. (Look for a future episode with David to discuss our detailed hiring process) Advice on... Read more →

We developed "MY PATH 2018" as a guide book to help simplify your goal and project planning for 2018. We have also included worksheets to help you stay on track and accountable daily, weekly and quarterly. Get FREE access to the WBNL Coaching MY PATH 2018 Planning Guide. My Path 2018 (Editable PDF) My Path 2018 Instructions Booklet Download the documents here: We are sure that, upon completion, you will have a plan for 2018 that will allow you to align, connect, & prosper in all areas of your life. The Guide Book is your instruction manual for the... Read more →