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How to Build Your Real Estate Operations Manual

A Real Estate Operations Manual ……Why you need one! Download RETB_Tasks_Procedures_Manual_v1 Written procedures for the primary pillars of your business operation will provide consistency, efficiency It’s a reflection of your expectations and standards for all team members Create checklists, job descriptions and clear tasks for every member of your team Your manual becomes your training document when onboarding new team members It is a Key asset for your eventual Exit Strategy You can build it as you go (don’t get overwhelmed … it is a process!) Leverage your admin staff to help you create the written procedures as required What... Read more →

1 - Shift to the Business Owner Mindset As Michael Gerber states in the eMyth Revisited – you are the 3 key roles when you start your business: CEO – vision Manager – operations; customer service Technician – sales & marketing; content creators Successful business owners have these 3 traits: a great work ethic (they show up and work their plan), unwavering perseverance and a positive, make-it-happen mindset. Work Ethic - requires diligence, hard work, and self-discipline. This means you have a definitive plan of action and you work it consistently. Positive Mindset is a process not event! You have... Read more →

Our guest presenter on Episode 3 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast  is Loreen O’Brien who is a licensed mental health counselor with a private practice in Tampa Florida. She specializes in working with people who are experiencing severe anxiety, including panic attacks and PTSD. Loreen has also been trained in some of the best techniques to calm the mind and bring overall balance Read more →