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At WBNL Coaching, we have been talking about starting a podcast for over a year. One of our goals for 2018 was to make that dream a reality. Matt Emerson and I are now 14 episodes in and having a blast using this medium to share our insights, experiences and strategies for real estate business owners, entrepreneurs and all who love to wander and travel. We have and will continue to interview guests who share their experiences, tips and success strategies (from brokers, real estate team leaders to experts and thought leaders in a variety of fields.) If you haven't... Read more →

5 Business Tips from the House of the Mouse I had the privilege of being a part of the leadership team in Theme Park Operations at Disneyland for over 5 years. The practical experiences I encountered have proven to be more valuable than any class, book, or video that I have ever been exposed to. The sheer volume of everything; people, processes, policies, paperwork, food, and merchandise is mind-blowing. Keeping the cast and the guests happy while watching out for potential safety and health incidents and ensuring an efficient operation at the same time could be a daunting task. The... Read more →

We find that many real estate agents (and other small business owners) avoid setting up some of the online sites (Yelp for example) because they are worried about getting a bad or negative review. Reality Check…. reviews and ratings are not going away for the real estate professional! In fact, it’s become so mainstream that you may be hurting your business if you are not fully embracing an effective strategy for getting client reviews and ratings. Prospective customers and even your referrals are Googling you and looking for ratings and reviews from previous clients when selecting an agent to hire.... Read more →

Our business and mindset tip of the week is how to create and follow a daily (morning) ritual. Matt and Jan discuss the benefits of having a daily ritual to start your day in a positive state of mind in Episode 7 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast. Avoid the urge to check your phone, notifications, email and social media as the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning. Instead, design and adopt a daily ritual to start your day in a positive mindset. Show up every day: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. Now... Read more →

Getting More Client Reviews and Testimonials

Client Reviews and Testimonials have become absolutely critical to your business success! We all know that approximately 90% of consumers use the internet to search for homes and this includes searching for and "Googling" the Realtor that they eventually decide to hire! Even when you get a referral, don't you know that they are most likely doing a Google search on you to discover all they can and check your reviews? Here are the most important online locations to get client reviews, recommendations, or testimonials for your business: Zillow LinkedIn Google My Business Facebook Page LinkedIn Yelp Your Website Our... Read more →

Amber De La Garza is The Productivity Specialist! Amber is a sought-after coach, trainer, speaker, writer, and the host of the Productivity Straight Talk podcast. She helps real estate professionals take consistent, massive, focused action in business and equips them with the specific techniques needed to reduce stress, increase profits, make more time for what matters most, and achieve their vision of success. Amber discusses How to Conquer the Day with 5 Daily Planning Pavers in this episode of the WBNL Podcast. To take advantage of the 5 Daily Planning Pavers, you first need to set aside 15 minutes at... Read more →