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10 Ways to Build Your eMail List


In this week's business tip, we discuss ten ways to build your database (or your mailing/emailing list). As a small business owner, you must always be connecting with potential customers and adding them to your mailing list.  Ultimately, the goal is to nurture your leads and build relationships through a consistent connection plan that provides valuable and informative information over time.  You must stay top of mind with your database so they think of you for their next purchase or sale or they know someone who is ready.


It is imperative that you have these tools to support your list building strategies:

  • An IDX real estate website with lead gen forms and calls to action
  • Landing pages with specific purposes (Automatic home valuation, targeted home searches, relocation or other reports. etc)
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) with effective campaigns an action plan
  • Optional -  email marketing service (mailchimp, constant contact, aweber)

  Here are ten strategies to implement or add to your lead generation plan:

  1. 5 business cards a day This strategy is simple yet effective ... especially if you make it a habit and consistently hand out five business cards every day (5 days per week).  You will be surprised where business comes from with his one strategy.  Be intentional with this tactic and get the person's contact information so you can add them to your client appreciation program.
  2. Home Search App Do you have a personalized search app that you can share with new connections?  This is a great conversation starter when face-to-face with someone and you can share the app immediately with them.  You can also use the link to your app as another call to action in your marketing.
  3. LinkedIn Strategic Connecting Strategic connecting on LinkedIn is a powerful way to build your database.  Remember, you must have an all-star profile first!  Visit this tip: Updating Your LinkedIn Profile – 11 Power Tips
  4. Social Media What social media platforms are you consistently leveraging for your business?  Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can be effective with consistent and quality content.
  5. Open Houses Consistently conducting effective open houses is one of the easiest way to meet and add people to your database.
  6. Online Advertising Drive traffic to your home search website and/or landing pages with specific calls to action with Facebook Advertising and/or pay per click ads (Google Adwords).
  7. Offline marketing to your website or landing pages Always include the URLs to your Website/ Landing Pages in all of your offline marketing (business cards, postcards, property flyers, letters, etc)
  8. Video Marketing & Facebook Live Leverage the power of video... just start today!  Creating video is easier then ever with our smart phones.  If you are going to use video as part of your business and marketing plan, you need to create a YouTube Channel.  Use Facebook Live for instant video creation and sharing,
  9. Email signature links Add a text link(s) to your email signature block to drive traffic to either your Home search page or Home Valuation landing page (or both)
  10. Voice Mail CTA Add a call to action on your voicemail message to send callers to your website or landing page(s).



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