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In this segment of the WBNL Podcast, we discuss strategies to get more listings now.  We have included additional tips and ideas to consider implementing for your real estate business in this post.  We invite you to join our Wanderers Club (only $197/year) to access all the premium training including our online course:  Connecting Your Real Estate Business Course, Connecting with Real Estate Social Media and Tech, Introduction to Team Building and Align, Connect Prosper.  We also provide our members with a daily social media post image and content for every day of the year!  Learn more at WBNL Coaching.



  • Current market conditions
  • Series on preparing and selling a home
  • What you do to effectively market a listing, negotiate a sale and close
  • Client Testimonials

2. Your Database

  • Your sphere of influence & past clients
  • How often are you connecting with your database?
  • Are you actively asking for referrals? (Who do you know…)

3.  Advanced Referral Techniques

  • Client Lunches/ Pop-bys
  • Business to Business/Referral Directory
  • Client Appreciation Events
  • Host Educational Seminars

4.  I may have a buyer for your home

Dear [Homeowner Name],

I’m currently working with a buyer who’s been unable to find a home in your area. Your home has many of the features my buyer finds desirable.  If you have any interest in selling your home, I would be more than happy to arrange a one-party showing of your property.

Please contact me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX to discuss. 

5.  Online profiles and client reviews (Zillow, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Yelp.com) You are being Googled!  It is imperative to own your name, team name or brandon the first page of Google and control the message and content.

6. Get an Automated Home Valuation System

  • (Market Snapshot, Home Value Leads, Your Lead Gen Website System, etc.)
  • Create a landing page with a unique URL (OurCityHomeValues.com)
  • Add all of your past clients on this monthly neighborhood market update
  • Send to new Seller Leads
  • Include the Landing Page URL on all of your Marketing – especially Farming mailouts

7. Farming

  • Geographical – consistency; neighborhood updates
  • Niche (Divorce specialist; Short Sales)
  • Professional (Attorneys, CPA’s/Tax professionals)

8. Surname Farm. Get your title marketing rep to pull a list of homeowners in Clark County that have the same or similar (spelled differently. i.e.) last name as you.

9. Hometown Farm – have your title rep pull a list of homeowners with current mailing addresses in your “home town” Send an introduction letter making the home town connection and then follow up with a monthly market update.

10. Door Knocking (general and specific)

  • Knock 20-30 doors – Just Listed/Sold
  • Deliver Your Market/Neighborhood Updates to your Farm areas

11. Open Houses

  • Always hold the first open house yourself on your listings!
  • Special Neighborhood Preview

12. Expireds

  • Create your initial letter and pre-listing packet and have them on hand
  • Initial Call, mail or drop off your packet
  • Have a follow-up system
  • Call Old Expireds

Hello, Mr./Mrs. ___________. This is <agent name> with <company name>. I have been going over my MLS records today and I noticed your home is no longer listed for sale. Do you still want to sell the home? <yes/no>. Would you be interested in finding out why it did not sell? <yes/no>. What I can do is a free analysis that will determine the reasons why your home may not have sold. I can stop by for a few minutes later this week and share that information with you? Would Thursday or Friday be more convenient? Morning or afternoon?

13. FSBOs

  • Calling or knocking on door with script about “Do you cooperate with Realtors”  / “If I bring you a qualified buyer and an offer to purchase will you pay a commission?”
  • Previewing the home – build rapport (adding it to your inventory)
  • Then an email or mail campaign weekly or every 10 days with another selling tip or item that is critical to selling process (Home warranty, home inspection, required disclosures, resource kit, etc.)

14. Social Media Strategies

  • Host a Facebook page or group for your farm
  • Posts that target homeowners (selling tips, home staging)
  • Run targeted Facebook Ads for Sellers that drive traffic to your automated home value landing page
  • Targeted audience (homeowners, likely to sell, demographic, home value, specific zip code or geographic area)

15. Advertising (Online and Offline)

  • Marketing (offline) – targeted mailers; Just Listed/Just Sold postcards
  • Purchase leads (HomeGain.com; TheRedx.com; HouseValues.com, Vulcan7.com)
  • Offers.com or SmartZip.com – predictive marketing / online farming system
  • Networking (Join groups; attorneys; accountants; other business professionals)



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