iBuyers - An Interview with Dan Noma of IREP
Dawn of a New Decade: Creating Your 2020 Vision

Monthly Accountability & Productivity Tips for Success



Initial Action Items:

  • Find an accountability partner
  • Start of Join an Accountability Group / Mastermind
  • Hire a Coach!
  • Decide on a format to use for accountability – Recommend Monthly Goals in specific areas
    • Number of Connections/Conversations
    • SOI / Database Activity
    • Number of Appointments
    • Role Play or Practice Topic
    • Personal Goal
    • Project (business or personal)
    • Professional/Personal Development

Making it Happen – Report your activities!

  • Daily text or phone call
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Set Monthly Goals
  • Daily point System 
  • Use a weekly tracking form 


Resources: My 2020 Vision download this workbook https://wbnlpodcast.com/episode93/