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WORKSHOP: 2023 Real Estate Business Planning - December 7, 10am PST

2023 Real Estate Business Planning Workshop ~ Seize the Opportunities! Sign-Up Today at

Here is what you will learn in this 90-minute workshop packed with everything you need to focus on to close more transactions in 2023:

  • Understand what’s happening in the Housing Market and how to find the opportunities - including FHA & VA loan assumptions
  • Build your 2023 business action plan integrating your personal and business goals with targeted strategies that get results

We will share 

  • Where to find buyers and sellers who want or have to buy and sell now while also building your pipeline for future sales

  • 3 key strategies to create repeat and referral business

  • How to have prospective buyers and sellers contact you because they already know, like, and trust you instead of chasing cold leads

  • How to work a niche market that you enjoy and are passionate about

  • What you must do NOW to be the go-to local market expert and trusted advisor

Beyond all of that great content, you will receive:

  • Our pre-workshop workbook will help you get your head in the business planning game
  • Free access to our Agent Fundamentals and Business Planning course, all 15 of our planning templates and downloads,
  • And you will receive our newest download - 100 Real Estate Content Ideas for Video & Social Media



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