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Congratulations, you are about to begin a journey that may feel somewhat familiar, however, we believe that planning can only be truly realized when you look at the sum of the whole and only focus on one part. We are sure that, upon completion, you will have a plan for 2020 that will allow you to align, connect, & prosper in all areas of your life. Here is what we’ll be covering:Year in Review Brainstorming | Mind Mapping Long-Term Goals This Year’s Focus is… My 333 for Year 333 Monthly Roadmap The Details My Business Pipeline My Project Pipeline My... Read more →

1 - Shift to the Business Owner Mindset As Michael Gerber states in the eMyth Revisited – you are the 3 key roles when you start your business: CEO – vision Manager – operations; customer service Technician – sales & marketing; content creators Successful business owners have these 3 traits: a great work ethic (they show up and work their plan), unwavering perseverance and a positive, make-it-happen mindset. Work Ethic - requires diligence, hard work, and self-discipline. This means you have a definitive plan of action and you work it consistently. Positive Mindset is a process not event! You have... Read more →

What is your big WHY - your purpose - and are you living it? What is your big WHY... your purpose ... your passion? And, most importantly, are you currently living it? When you discover with complete clarity your WHY, then you have uncovered the absolute secret to success for your life and business. Of course knowing your WHY is not enough, you must take action daily (no matter how small the step) toward what you desire if you are not there yet. You are at your best when your heart (passion) and mind (attitude) are in alignment and connected... Read more →

This video and the Holstee Manifesto has inspired me since I first saw it a few years ago. The Holstee Manifesto is a true call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion, and community. Wandering But Not Lost is in alignment with the Mission of Holstee. They do it by creating impactful and artistic products that inspire action. At WBNLCoaching, we do it through our business and life coaching services, products and online community. (Holstee) Our mission is to help people live a reflective and intentional life. We do this by creating art that inspire's reflection... Read more →